Apostle L.K. Robertson Sr., (Lead Pastor)


Apostle L.K. Robertson is a man of God that operates in integrity and structure. He is a man of vision that is led by the Holy Spirit to empower Believers to walk in their divine purpose. Apostle operates in an apostolic anointing of the prophetic and deliverance power of God. He is a revelatory preacher with a charismatic thrust. He is multi-talented and has been effective in multiple areas in ministry as it relates to serving the people of God. As an Apostle, he has planted ministries and has developed and equipped leaders for the work of the ministry.


Pastor Temika Robertson (Lead Pastor)


Pastor Temika Robertson is a very passionate preacher of the word of God. She is a woman of power with an authentic love for the body of Christ. She is multi-talented with a gift of worship and dance. She operates in an apostolic anointing of the prophetic and deliverance power of God. Her passion is taking broken women and assisting in transforming their lives into something unimaginable through the power of the Holy Spirit. She partners with her husband is such a way that it sets a standard for other women to follow. She is truly a virtuous woman. She is a RUBY!


•             Married 14 years

•             Three children, Lamon (13), Krystal (12), X’Zavier (9)

•             Bishop was licensed in 2000, ordained in 2008, installed as Pastors in 2015 and consecrated as a Bishop in the                            church in 2016.

•             Pastor was licensed in 2008, ordained as a co-pastor in 2015 and installed as a senior pastor in 2016

•             Our last church plant was in 2015

•             Receiving instructions from God to revamp ministry strategy, we are now planting Revitalize